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Emily could not be more excited to be an executive producer, player and editor for Tabletop Tiddies! Run entirely by people of marginalized genders, Tabletop Tiddies' mission is to provide a safe place at the table for everyone, and is thrilled to invite you to join their fun, hilarious, queer, and feminist adventures!

In Season One "The Wildwell Trials", and Season Two's "Into the Revelia", Emily played Steve, a gnome rogue/artificer, and seamstress extraordinaire.

In Tabletop Tiddies' Vampire the Masquarade cronicle, "Tiddies By Night", Emily plays the kind and friendly Salubri, Imogen White.

Tabletop Tiddies  appreciates any and all support! You can sign up to be a patron here, check out our merch, or we have lots of opportunities available for advertising and sponsorship.

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