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Emily (any pronouns) is a performer, choreographer and director based in the Lower Mainland, BC. A graduate of the Musical Theatre program at Capilano University, and the Bachelor of Performing Arts Program at Douglas College, Emily teaches musical theatre and dance at the Lindbjerg Academy of Performing Arts in Coquitlam and Showstoppers Academy of Performing Arts in Maple Ridge to students ages six to seventeen.


Upcoming: Lefou in Align Entertainment's Beauty and the Beast


Outside of the arts, Emily is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer and the owner of MatchFit Athletics. As a new trainer, they believe strongly in training for function and hopes to help other performers, creatives, and her students develop confidence in movement and a strong connection between mind and body.


Emily is one of the players and the editor of the actual play podcasts: Legends: A Superhero Story and Tabletop Tiddies.


Legends was created by her brother, Jack, and her father, Chad. Legends: The Superhero Role Playing Game is expected to be published Winter 2021/22.

Tabletop Tiddies is an actual play, live stream that is run entirely by people of marginalized genders!


Social Media/Marketing

Always scrolling and updating his own status, Emily has been branching out into social media management, marketing, and graphic design for social media for the past three years. They currently run the Align Entertainment socials, the MatchPlay Games/Legends: A Superhero Story website/social media accounts, and Lindbjerg Academy's website/social media accounts.

Contact Emily here or email her at
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